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Can you see Her Foundation?

It's not Makeup!

Foundation.  It is what you business is built on.  It is the mortar and bricks that should be carrying the weight of the current Real Estate cycle.  It is the vapor barrier that keeps the moisture out and the rot away.

How is your foundation holding up in this storm? Where do you stand to relieve the stress? How do you get recharged?

According to Larry Murr, a columnist for Pro Remodeler, there are four areas in our life that we must constantly balance that are essential to growth:  spiritual, emotional, metal, and physical.

A strong faith can provide comfort and insight.  This is the footing on which you started your business.  These beliefs need to be used to strengthen and keep you focused on what is really important in life.

Emotion is a driving force but do not let passion push emotion aside.  You need to learn to focus on the things that you have control over, knowing that the rest will fall into place.  No roller coaster ride here, just a "think I can to know I can" train ride.

Mental is knowledge and this is very powerful.  Keeping up with the latest changes in your industry helps you know where you are and where you are going.   Information is not knowledge.  It is only converted to knowledge by your mental implementation of the information.

Physical is "well being".   This area keeps you from the self pity parties.  Your best decisions are made when you are feeling "fit".  Feeling good, looking good!

When one of these areas is the only focus, our business foundation may settle and even crack.   But you can fix these areas with an inspection and find a mason (mentor) to repair any damage to the foundation.

When all four are put together properly, your business can weather any storm and like a good wine, become better with age!

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Comment balloon 0 commentsDave Park • October 26 2008 10:19AM
Can you see Her Foundation?
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