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Monolopy Money

Today you can buy "clicks" to increase your customer base, buy "Ad Words" to boost your search engine optimization, and you can place "embedded" marketing to trigger a website view, but none of these IT gimmicks can help you make the right financial decision when researching for your home mortgage.

At a time when we seem to be paralyzed by the economic hype on the mortgage war front, direction can be found in a select few. 

Experience, integrity, and trust lay a great foundation for any company.  Believing in these traits is one thing, acting each one out daily is another. 

And rarely do you find these traits backed by the optimum customer service available in the industry.  And when you find this, your anxiety and stress levels drop below your knees.  Your day finds new ways to get better and you anticipated date with the attorney for closing has a big Red Hotel on the calendar board.

Andy Border makes these days happen.  His guidance through the landmines of the finance jungle is assured in his personal commitment to each and every client.  His gate keeping will help you think twice before you act on a financial decision.  Do you really need this?  Where will you put it?  How does it fit into your financial plan?

There are literally hundreds of ways to acquire financing for your home, but for those who take comfort in a long lasting order, Andy's simple strategies with his attention to your financial details will top your list.

But what of the uncertainty in your finances?  The uncertainty in the market?  The uncertainty in the media?  When do you pass go?  When do you collect your 200 dollars? 

Your finances are personal, emotional.  You may even feel like your finances are cluttered.  Why?  Because clutter happens.  It is a natural byproduct of our busy, productive lives.  Luckily, you do not have to stop everything to get your financial house organized.  You just have to start somewhere.

So throw the dice, take a Ride on the Reading and advance to Park Place .  With your potential and Andy's passion, you will be able to put a house on Boardwalk!   

Maverick Rules!

Comment balloon 4 commentsDave Park • December 28 2008 04:20PM
Monolopy Money
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