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It's not Personal

I was driving behind a VW bug yesterday.  As I approached I read a bumper sticker that read "Never Piss Off a Witch".   I had to read it twice.

Just then I had a Dorothy moment.  I saw the witch riding her bicycle across my mind with the little dog Toto.  Then the music of the chase, that awful music before we see Auntie Em giving poor Toto to that rotten lady.

Now back to the VW.  As I passed the window and looked in, this lady had on 1955 black horned rimmed glasses and her hair in a bun.  Cigarette hanging out one side of her mouth and a slight slouch forward. 

I cringed as she changed gears.  I could read her lips, "can't find them, grind them baby" and then she finished with a laugh.

I accelerated by as the vision of her behavior put stock in the bumper sticker.

To her I am sure it was personal.

How about you?

Take a moment and think of a company that enchants and enthralls you?  Can you think of one?  Sure, now call the owner.  Thank them for what they do. 

You see they are not the norm.

Perception is everything.  Ask yourself what perception do you give?  What impression am I making?  What signs do you have up that everyone sees?

Are you indispensable?

What am I getting at?  Well I want you to make everything personal.  Do not over complicate client relationships.  Keep it simple, but make it personal.

Hand write thank you notes.

Make a birthday card with your kids and send it.

Drop by a place of work.

Throw a house warming party for every sale.

Tailgate at the local game and invite everyone.

Send a card not on a birthday.

Why not gather up some kids to wash client's cars.

Donate to charity in your client's name.

Bake a cake, pie, or bread.  Homemade stuff is great.

What about a flag or banner for the home.

Bring over a cleaning crew after the move in to help.

Organize a box-breakdown party.  Wine, Cheese, and Boxes!

Churn of ice cream for the kids.

Getting personal is serious business.  And the serious will double their business and triple their time off.  Guaranteed!

Become a "Business" that your clients can't do without. 

Now go grab your broomstick and watch your business fly.

Maverick Rules!

Comment balloon 14 commentsDave Park • December 15 2008 05:19PM
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