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Oprah Live!

Much has happened over the last 12 months.

Gas prices hit $4.00 per gallon, Michael Phelps dominated the pool at the Beijing Summer Olympics, Britney Spears making an unexpected comeback, the fall of the national economy, and Oprah the middle of a heated presidential campaign.

Along with events can a new tone in marketing and advertising messages.  These messages will tend to be more negative as business tries to retain what is left of their market share.  We will also see a greater share of advertising campaigns directed at "money for nothing and the clicks are free".  (translated into value)

But even in the bleakest times, creativity cannot be held back.  Marketing just happens.  Even during the depression, the recession, and the dot bomb, marketeers rose to help the PR and marketing challenge.

We have learned from Oprah that PR is powerful.  That a soundly planned, well executed PR campaign can show real power and move people.  A PR campaign costs less than Pay-Per-Click and is faster and easier than Search Engine Optimization.  It can also literally flood your web site with more traffic than you can handle.

The power of online PR is both phenomenal, and yet, still largely untapped by the Real Estate or Small Business professional.

Marketing and Traffic generation benefits of using press releases to disperse the word about your service and yourself should be evident.  Press Releases are becoming more consistent with media channels which create more exposure, visibility and the ability to reach and drive people.

An example of this technology can be found at, a press release distributor. makes it easy to add multimedia and social marketing events and elements into your press releases.

Now when you send out a press release, it will go out via RSS and other media outlets such as Digg,, and other news sites.

Now work it Girlfriend and when Larry King calls you, tell them you got hooked up with the Maverick!

Maverick Rules!

Comment balloon 2 commentsDave Park • December 30 2008 07:42PM
Oprah Live!
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