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Welcome to the Jungle!

Machete Innovation to Jungle Growth

Part 1

When Procter & Gamble first championed brand management, astute marketers quickly boiled it down to four things:

•·          Superior understanding of the consumer

•·          Product or service differentiation

•·          Strategic marketing

•·          Innovation

Great strength resides within the simplicity of these core principles.

Service providers (home inspectors/Realtors) need an understanding of consumer relationships with the brand (The Company) within the context of their everyday lives, as well as how they - or someone shopping for them - relates to the brand.  This means gathering and applying insights at every touch-point along the path to purchase.

Now let's not go to deep.

Let's face it, good marketing is easier said than done, however. It demands two kinds of expertise.

•·          Brand (The Company)

•·          Service (You)

They need to converge to create experiential brand ideas, and not just advertising or promotions. 

In short . . . Innovation!

Next I sat down behind my computer and built a process of questions.  These questions must be answered to drive our brand to the market.  Although deceptively simple, if these six questions are left unanswered you might as well pull out your machete and start whacking, because it's a jungle out there.

These 6 questions will not only help you focus, but will clear a path of innovation and growth.  Yes innovation and growth not only comes from the corporate level, but it also exists on the service level.

I will cover 1 question each day and hope that you will also dive right in and let your mind "ponder" (that's my Grandfathers word) on the possibilities that are endless.

Let's get started! 

1. What is the brand's and the company's key source of separation?

The differentiation is the "engine" of any successful brand effort.  While this is true, it can no longer stop at an understanding of the brand's equity. 

The value of marketing the "Brand." 

The goal here is to create communications, (advertising, press releases, discovery boxes, builder programs, etc.) that serve both, the brand and the franchise, by expressing what is unique about both, in each blow.

GEICO was a great example of separation.  There brand essence is all about saving money and insurance.  In the industry insurance quotes and estimates were typically handledby phone with a visit to the local representative. 

GEICO was separated from the buyer by the "rep" of the insurancebusiness and the "buy local" mentality for customer service. 

GEICO made 2 moves. 

The first was 15 minutes could save you $500.00.

The second was to open local offices with local representatives.

The new sport in town is team marketing, between brands and franchiseesand franchisees and vendors.  By focusing on what consumers need to know and what buyers need to do to drive growth for the brand, the franchise and the vendor.

You are part of this team.  Think about what separates you from the brand. What separates you from the public.  In these separations comes innovation and growth.

Instead of "divide and conquer" we will "separate and grow". 

Maverick Rules!


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Welcome to the Jungle!
Machete Innovation to Jungle Growth Part 1 When Procter & Gamble first championed brand management, astute marketers quickly boiled it down to four things: •· Superior understanding of the consumer •· .. more
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