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My Case Against Perfection by Dave Park "The Maverick Builder"

In OZ, after Dorothy's house is relocated to unsuitable soil, she was asked by the Lady in the Bubble, "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"  The same question goes for mother-in-laws and the answer is not a coin toss!

Perry Mason is a Maverick Builder


Maverick:      "Yes your honor, I represent the defendant.    The plaintiff, a mother-in-law is making statements about perfection.  Yes being perfect"

Judge:          "Is that the young man there?"

Maverick:      "Yes your honor. "

Judge:          "Does your client wish to make a plea?"

Maverick:      "Yes he does your honor.  Guilty as charged"

Judge:          "Before I sentence the defendant, councilor do you have anything to say.

Maverick:      "Judge I still want to present my defense. . .

                   "My Case" . . . "My Case Against Perfection!"


What?  A case against perfection?

Yes and this is not an encouragement for being sloppy.

I am urging you to keep after that idea or promotion or client once you have begun and don't stop until you hit the finish line.

What I am saying here is that too many inspectors (including me) begin a project, judge it as pretty bad and quit.  They quit because their idea, promotion or courtship doesn't look "perfect".

Too many inspectors (including me) begin to edit their project and then either: (1) decide the project is trash and dump it into a file, or (2) decide the project needs a lot of re-working and then spends weeks, months and even years on it!

No!  Finish what you start . . . and FAST!  Complete it, edit it, rewrite it, revisit it, practice it, polish it and then in the immortal world of Nike . . . Just Do It!

I have learned that this is the fundamental key to success.

Don't Wait For Perfection!

The Scarecrow is a Maverick

No good work whatever can be perfect and the demand for perfection is a sign of misinterpretation of the end result. - davism

Perfection is your enemy.  Do the best you can and move on to the next project.  Striving for perfection will stop you from achieving results.  Go for results.

The more you do the better you get.  Quantity leads to quality in marketing, sales, appointments, promotions, etc.


Ray Bradbury, Mark Twain and Stephen King wrote thousands of stories in order to get the couple of hundred that were classics.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs knocked on more doors than they can remember selling their system platforms before becoming industry giants.  Don't judge your ideas, promotions or pitches.

Just do it.

Refine it and Do it again.

Refine it and Do it again!

H.G. Wells said, "There is not passion equal to the passion to alter something."

Trust me, Mr. Wells means quit fiddling around with what you have and put it into motion.  Into action!  Into results!

If your idea or promotion deals with the public, say a newsletter or a sales flyer, you are going to have some people say your writing isn't clear.  Or you are pitching a real estate professional and they do not bite. . . Well Great!  Now refine it and do it again.

What is the "perfect pitch or promotion" then? 

I have no idea.

What's perfect to me may seem like a baby's first step to you.  My job as a business owner is to do the best I can.  That means ideas, promotions and pitches should be implemented with the skill and precision that you have available. 

Do it.

Sell it.

Edit it 

Refine it.

Promote it.

Distribute it.

My Mother in law is a MaverickMaverick:      "Judge, my message is this:  My client will learn from the feedback he receives.  Input will give him concrete direction.  My client will not let striving for perfection stand in his way of getting results."

Clerk:           "Will the defendant please rise."

Judge:          "You are ordered to finish what you start.  Edit and refine it the best you can.  Then let your work go. . . Case dismissed."

Let me finish by stating that mediocre is not OK, but . . .

Don't let striving for perfection stand in the way of getting results - davism



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Dave Park
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Thanks for article. We learn a lot from Active Rain blogs. Best Regards,

Posted by Edward & Celia Maddox, EXPERIENCE & INTEGRITY - WE TAKE THE HIGH ROAD (The Celtic Connection Realty) over 10 years ago

Edward and Celia,

Thanks for the read.  Ditto on the education.  Great picture also.

To your success,


Posted by Dave Park, "The Maverick Builder" (Advantage Inspection Raleigh) over 10 years ago

Edward and Celia,

Thanks for the read.  Ditto on the education.  Great picture also.

To your success,


Posted by Dave Park, "The Maverick Builder" (Advantage Inspection Raleigh) over 10 years ago