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Business Conflicted - Very Nice by Dave Park "The Maverick Builder"

Newspaper Guy is a Maverick


I had a fight this morning with the newspaper guy!


We don't fight often, but sometimes it happens

What can I say?  "Was I the only one who noticed

it was raining outside?" 


We're human.  And fights just happen.

"Just bag it next time will ya?"


And that's good news.  "No Christmas extra jingle

in your pocket, buddy!"


It's good news because it's the number one thing people love to read or hear about. It's just that simple.  Conflict and stories go hand in hand.  Just give me a conflict and I give you a good story.  Simple!

Think about it.  What are the best movies, the classic movies about?  What are the best books that we can read over again about?  Don't they always involve someone who wants something and is struggling to get it?  Isn't something in his or her way?  In short, there is always a conflict.

Conflicts make great news.  Any time two people fight or two groups or two armies, the media will be there.  Why?  Because conflict is at the heart, magnetic.

What is your conflict? 

What is the conflict in your business?

What is the conflict in your industry?

Use this to your advantage.  Create a selling story by looking for conflict.  The conflict can be between you and another person, other people or even ideas that are butting heads.

I began this paper with the line, "I had a fight with the newspaper guy."  I did that for one main reason:  TO GET YOUR ATTENTION!

Hardwired is a MaverickI knew your hardwired human interest in battle would make you at least curious about the opening line.  From there I wove a story about how we humans crave conflict and how you can use that fact to create stories on one can resist.

The truth is, I don't get the newspaper . . . but conflicts are magnetic!

And by beginning this paper with the hint of a conflict, I got your attention and you probably read all of this.  See How It Works?




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